Three weeks ago Grandma took a spill.  We have learned from her neighbor and friend, Carol, that this was not the first time, just the first time Grandma has allowed Carol to call and ask for help.  So of we went to Florida to give Grandma a hand getting back on her feet.

But the little scrap turned into a moderately bad infection that led to a reaction to the antibiotic that led to dehydration.  But Grandma is the MOST determined person I have ever met and she was not going to let this beat her.  She listened to us, she listened to her doctors and she listened to her nurse and physical therapist and she is back to her old self.  Almost.  What has changed is her understanding of how much help she might need in the future and the understanding, that at 99,  driving is no longer an option.  The time for a change had come.

Closing up any house is a major undertaking.  Closing up Grandma Wood’s house is often a riot of laughter (and some tears).  The next few blogs will attempt to tell that story and hopefully reveal a Grandmother you may or may not have known.

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Who is David Johnson?

 This story began with a box of old  pictures from dad’s family.



Among the many interesting items was a tin type of a soldier in uniform with a note attached with the name “David Johnson”, nothing more.  So, who was David Johnson?

Under “Off to War”, click on his story.

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Bio of Walter Wood

Walter WoodWalter Wood, father of Walter Wood, Jr., was born in 1880 in Philadelphia and raised his family during the depression. Click on Walter Wood Sr. to read more about him.

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The Angel Gabriel, Furber origins

angel GabrielWilliam Furber overcame some unusual circumstances when he arrived in America in 1635. The story of his early years in New England is told in The Angel Gabriel.

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Our Irish Connection-The Neilly’s

I always told the kids on St Patrick’s Day that they weren’t Irish. Research into the Wood maternal line proved this wasn’t true. The Neileys with their stories of courage and kindness are a family to be proud of. Our Irish Connection tells the first of several stories about this wonderful family.

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Misconceptions and Mysteries

Walter Wood Jr. knew the names listed in the family Bibles under births and deaths and how they were related to him but he didn’t know their stories or understand why he knew so little about his grandfather,  Jacob Wood.

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